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Here are current open positions:

  • Unpaid Japanese Editorial Intern (updated in July 2020)
  • North American Post Associate Editor (open in April 2020 – position filled in June 2020)
  • DTP Designer (open in Jan 2020 – position filled in Feb 2020)


Unpaid Japanese Editorial Intern



1、 留学生から見たコロナ禍
サンプル文 https://www.soysource.net/category/seattleblog/minnna/

2、 私の好きなシアトルのお店
サンプル分 https://www.soysource.net/tag/%e3%81%93%e3%81%ae%e5%ba%97%e3%81%93%e3%81%ae%e5%91%b3/



North American Post Associate Editor (POSITION FILLED)

The North American Post (NAP) is a community newspaper, which has been serving for Japanese American community in the Seattle area since 1902. We are looking for motivated individuals who will oversee editorial production of the printed and online newspaper.

Working Hours:
The position will start as a part-time remote position, then potentially be changed to full-time editor position either after July or after the local community has recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Responsibilities until June 2020 (or until COVID-19 outbreak is gone) include:

  • Submit articles to be published on NAP both print and online
    • Visit community events and/or interview people in the community as needed (*in-person interview is expected only after COVID-19 outbreak is gone)

Additional responsibilities after July 2020 (or after COVID-19 outbreak is gone) include:

  • Work with Managing Editor to manage editorial schedule to publish the Newspaper every 2nd and 4th Friday monthly, collaborating with contributing writers, DTP designers, proofreaders, printers and advertisement sales representatives
    • Work with Managing Editor to work with in-house and freelance writers to maintain the publication’s article portfolio fitting to target readers. Recruit new freelance writers as needed. Edit articles as needed.
    • Work with advertisement sales representatives for advertisement schedule and placement
    • Collaborate with Japanese editors of both NAP’s Japanese pages and Soy Source (Japanese language newspaper published by the company) to identify possible J>E and E>J translation articles.
    • Re-post articles to the publication’s website (napost.com) and keep the website linked with the publication’s SNS pages
    • Assist DTP layout design of NAP print issues


  • Proven administrative, scheduling and project management skills
    • Passion and confidence for editing/writing about community issues and Japanese/Asian American history
    • Willing to connect with local Japanese and Japanese American communities
    • Be able to attend weekend/evening community events as needed (*only after COVID-19 outbreak is gone)
    • Fluence in Japanese is a plus, but not necessary
    • Skilled in MS Word and Excel. Computer
    • Skills in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and WordPress is plus, but not necessary (we can train you!)
    • BA in communication, journalism, business administration or 2-3 working experiences in the related field


  • Starting Wage:
    • This position is candidate for future Managing Editor position. Wage will increase if promoted to Managing Editor.
    • Dental Insurance Available

* The position will start as a part-time remote position, then potentially be changed to full-time editor position either after July or after the local community has recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak. There will be no in-person interview or event attendance under COVID-19 outbreak.
* Like any other small businesses, we are having a hard time with so many uncertainties under the COVID-19 outbreak. Working hours may be limited depending on our corporate decisions about our business operations.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume and a writing sample to misa@napost.com



日本語情報誌『ソイソース』および英語紙『The North American Post』の記事、広告のレイアウト作業を行うフルタイムのDTP デザイナーを募集。フレックス・タイム、時短勤務、一部自宅勤務も可。Adobeインデザイン、イラストレーター、フォトショップ、日本語フォントを使った印刷物のグラフィックデザイン経験のある方、スケジュール管理、コミュニケーション能力のある方を求めています。履歴書・職務経歴書、デザインのポートフォリオをcommunity@napost.comまでお送りください。



  • 毎月第2、第4金曜発行の日本語情報誌「ソイソース」のDTPデザイン全般
  • 社内編集者から記事コンテンツを受け、レイアウト化
  • 編集部からの編集、プルーフ後の修正指示を受けて必要な修正を施し、最終的な印刷向けPDFファイル化、印刷所への印刷指示


  • 毎月第2、第4金曜発行の「The North American Post」のDTPデザイン全般 (英語面及び日本語面)
  • 社内編集者から記事コンテンツを受け、レイアウト化(英語面は英語編集者、日本語面は日本語編集者からの指示)
  • プルーフ後の修正指示を受けて必要な修正を施し、最終的な印刷向けPDFファイル化、印刷所への印刷指示


  • 広告営業と連携して必要な広告デザインの制作、先方確認など


  • スケジュール管理、コミュニケーション能力のある方
  • Adobeインデザイン、イラストレーター、フォトショップ、日本語フォントを使った印刷物のグラフィックデザイン経験のある方
  • ネイティブの日本語とビジネス英語中級程度(英語編集者のEメールでのやりとりや、英語での情報収集ができる程の英語力)
  • 米国内での就労ビザ保持者(ビザサポートは行っていません)


  • 給与は経験に応じて相談
  • 週40時間フルタイム勤務での募集ですが、育児・学業・その他個人的な活動との両立などの都合で一部在宅勤務やパートタイムを希望する場合、週30時間以上勤務の範囲で相談に応じます
  • 勤務形態により、裁量制の月給、もしくは時給で相談
  • 土曜・日曜・Bank Holidaysは休み、Sick Leave、Family Leave制度あり
  • 日本への一時帰国時の遠隔勤務などは3週間以内であれば相談に応じます

勤務地 519 6th Ave, Seattle WA 98104

応募方法 info@soysource.netまで、履歴書、デザインポートフォリオを送付ください。電話での問い合わせは受け付けません。