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The Hokubei Hochi (North American Post) Foundation (HHF) is a non-profit 501c3 entity newly established in Seattle, Washington. The Foundation’s mission is to promote and preserve the culture of the Nikkei and Japanese community through educational and cultural projects and activities in the Pacific Northwest. HHF’s vision is for a vibrant Nikkei and Japanese community connected and engaged through relevant news and enriching programs. HHF seeks to preserve the community’s history and culture for future generations.

So why another new non-profit, 501c3 organization in our community? It has been our long-held vision to establish a non-profit entity to carry on the legacy of an important Nikkei (Japanese American) newspaper institution, The NA Post.

While our new HHF is a separate legal entity, we are affiliated with The NA Post and have set forth our mission to support the preservation of news, history, and culture through educational and cultural projects. Many of these activities are best suited for our Foundation to carry on, while The NA Post focuses on its primary mission – to bring the readers the most current and engaging news and information.

The HHF will be sponsoring many educational and cultural events, most of them in the Nagomi Tea House space in Seattle’s International District. There are two substantive projects: The Nikkei Newspaper Digital Archive Project and Student Intern Program. Please learn more about these programs under the Programs tab.



北米報知財団は教育的、文化的なプログラムや活動、地元社会に関連するニュースや 事業を通じ、米国ノースウエストの日系人、日本人のコミュニティーの形成、維持、振興に寄与します。歴史と文化を次世代に繋ぐことも 重要な活動になります。

北米報知財団は2011年6月、非営利団体としてワシントン州シアトル市に設立さ れ、501条(C)項(3)号団体としても認可されております。活動は以下の通りです。


北米報知財団では文化、コミュニティー、教育、コミュニケーションに関連するプロ グラムを提供します。内容は▽ブックイベントの開催▽歴史保存を目的とした既刊の日系、邦字新聞のデジタル化保存▽地域社会に密着し た出版物の発行、などがあります。コミュニケーション、報道、ビジネスを専攻し、地域社会や日本に関するニュースに興味のある学生に 向け、インターンシップ、奨学金制度も実施します。

Hokubei Hochi (North American Post) Foundation

c/o 519 Sixth Avenue South, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: 206.519-5461
Email: info@hokubeihochi.org
Website: www.hokubeihochi.org



住所:519 Sixth Avenue South, Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98104